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Think your CRM, Sales funnels, Websites, Social media calendars, Appointment setting, Courses & Membership areas, Payments, Email newsletters & follow-ups, SMS, Automations, and more—all in one place. That’s what Traxn can do for you.

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Finally cancel all the other expensive tools you're overpaying for

Imagine how much you'll get done when you don't have to worry about the tech part, and you can just focus on serving your customers instead.

Not to mention how much money you're saving on monthly software subscriptions & the headaches of integrating and enabling different softwares to communicate with each other.

What's Included?

Everything you need to build your business

Funnels & Website Builder

Build your website and funnels all in one place. With unlimited domains, you can create as many funnels as you want and attach them all to one central website. Use our drag and drop editor with global colors and sections, and with our premium designs free, you won’t ever have to hire a designer again!

Appointment Scheduler

Create both individual and team calendars for discovery calls, client calls, meetings and more. Set times of availability, attach forms and payments to calendar appointments, and create a fully customizable reminder workflow for your appointments.

Client Relationship Management

This is the place where you keep all your customer’s information. It’s the heartbeat of your business - your customer. Store all relevant information, add as many custom fields as you’d like with our form and survey builder. Plus, track all conversations with your customer - phone, email, text, even private message, right in our conversations tab.

Courses & Membership Area

Create a custom members area for your business and include as many courses as you want. Embed video and text lessons, and upload PDFs and docs straight to your student portal. Plus, use our workflows to track progress and remind people to finish their lessons.


Today’s world is noisy and you need multiple channels to reach your ideal customer. Traxn has an integrated inbox for texting, emails, phone calls, voicemails, FB messages, and Instagram DM’s. Create a workflow that integrates all five and be sure to never lose a lead again.


Our workflow builder gives you virtually unlimited potential for advanced automations between funnels, forms, appts, tags, courses, and more. Plus, with our simple Zap webhook, you can send and receive information through 100’s of third party apps, making Traxn the most robust and flexible automation builder on the market today.


Before & After Traxn

  • Multiple softwares

  • Expensive subscriptions

  • Tired of integrations

  • Multiple dashboards

  • Lack of support

  • Everything under one roof

  • Affordable single subscription

  • No integrations required

  • All-In-One dashboard

  • Experienced marketing team

Message From The CEO

Meet Shamnas

Hi, I am a marketing strategist and founder of Traxn Inc. I have been working with coaches, consultants, and service based businesses from 2018, helping them market their programs and get more clients.

I know the struggle you going through setting up different platforms and connecting them to make your business work. Traxn is my answer for all your problems.

It's easy to setup. You have all the tools you need & hence no need of connecting different tools. You have our experienced team to support you. You get AI assistance for creating content and web pages.

What excuse do you have now to not get Traxn and start growing your business?


Don't listen to my words

"Thanks for helping me build my business online! I recommend Shamnas for everyone who is now seeking to start a business online and have sales! Thanks for great tips and ideas. Awesome Work"

- Vytaute Svobunaite

"I love all of this, sham!! You are godsend. Now I can confidently start promoting my online business. I am so glad I reached out to you for building my website & funnels. Amazing Work!"

- Jessica Colon


4.9/5 star reviews

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"Best purchase ever!"

"Traxn is awesome. I was struggling to setup all the softwares before and now now I have Traxn. Best $100 spent."


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer a free trial of Traxn. If you are not sure Traxn will work for you, Feel free to schedule a demo, and we will setup a custom demo for your use case.

What payment gateways do you support?

Stripe & PayPal can both be connected inside your Traxn account.

I have a website already. Can I use Traxn?

Absolutely. You can move your website to Traxn. But listen if you have a beautiful WordPress site, don’t be silly and make more work for yourself. Leave it where it is.

You’re still saving hella money by using Traxn for all the other cool things it does, and you can hook up your forms, webchat, calendars, and funnels right into your site no problem. Even just replacing one or two softwares makes sense financially.

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